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"The Monkey Bar System is great, we are amazed at the amount of space we now have in our garage. "

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Reliable Garage Storage In Conrad

Sometimes, coming home from work or errands to a disaster of a garage can feel defeating. Monkey Bars of Montana – Great Falls can give you a feeling of accomplishment and peace with Monkey Bars Storage Systems. Where most DIY systems don’t deliver desired results, our products continue to be leading in strength and security.

A Process That Works

When dealing with the garage, you want a system that will be both functional and accessible. We not only maximize the space in your garage, but help you organize your items so you always know where to find them. It’s no wonder why locals trust our garage storage in Conrad.

  • Sturdy Materials: All of our products are made with industrial-grade materials to store your items with ease. We guarantee they won’t break or bow with time or damage your belongings.
  • Systematic: Imagine a chaotic garage, filled with piles of knick-knacks and old bins. Our systems eliminate distracting piles and allow you to put things where you can find them faster; goodbye stress!
  • Little Upkeep: Not only do cabinets or shelving give you room to neatly place items, but they help your garage stay clean and dust-bunny free.

Top-Quality Products

  • Garage Shelving: Choose steel shelving that can literally hold 1,000 pounds every 4 feet. You can store more bulky items in one place.
  • Garage Cabinets: We provide lockable cabinets to keep pets or small children away from dangerous objects. These are garage cabinets Conrad homeowners trust!
  • Overhead Garage Storage: Each rack includes a 2” safety lip, so boxes and bins don’t fall from the ceiling.
  • Garage Flooring: Choose from five different tile styles to add value and aesthetics to your home.

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by on September 25, 2012