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Customer Testimonials

Completely Satisfied

"We are completely satisfied with the new garage floor. It looks great! The professionalism show to us was outstanding. "

Mary & Fred -

The Garage is no Longer Scary

"We just wanted to let you know how much we love our Monkey Bars! Because of you the garage is no longer a scary place. When..."

Warm Regards, Jerry & Kerry -

So Much More Space

"The Monkey Bar System is great, we are amazed at the amount of space we now have in our garage. "

Jim R -

We Love The Garage

"We really love the system you installed in our garage and the floor looks great. "

Jane & Rob -

Thanks for Helping!

"Monkey Bars offers wonderful solutions for Garage Organization – friendly prices too. Really helps you keep organized...."

Rita R -

Got My Clients Garage Organized

"The Owner did an amazing job for one of my clients. I’m a professional organizer by trade. He was very flexible, tidy..."

Conner S -

Garage Organization In Great Falls

Does it take you forever to find something in your garage? Can you park your vehicle in the garage or does the clutter make it impossible? Have you ever tripped over something in your garage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the tools for you. Our trained professionals have been creating the garage organization Great Falls deserves for families throughout the area. With our help, it’s possible to tame the clutter in your garage and park your vehicle inside again.

  • Lifetime Guarantee: We created our products with the best materials so we’re confident of their strength and durability. To prove how sure we are about our products, we backed them with a lifetime warranty.
  • System Education: Before we leave, we give each customer a system training. Our goal is for each customer to fully understand the adaptability of their new garage organization in Great Falls.
  • Free Organization Help: After we’ve installed your new garage organization in Great Falls, we take the time to help customers organize their items on his or her system.

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Garage Organization Great Falls

Garage Organization Great Falls

Durability In Every Product

Who wants a system they will just have to replace in a couple years? We sure don’t! Our products have been created using the best materials in order to ensure quality and strength.

Layered Storage:  Maximize your storage in the amount of available space. Hang more commonly used items from the bottom of our shelves and store lessor used items above.

Strength To Handle It All: Store up to 1,000lbs of your stuff on every 4 feet of our shelving. That’s a lot of store that can be stored safely and easily.

Full Customization: Your storage needs won’t stay the same forever so why should your garage storage? Easily adjust our products to meet your storage needs.


by on May 22, 2015